Coinbase’s Website Unavailable Amid Crypto Exchange’s Mention of ‘System-Wide Outage’

Coinbase Down

In a sudden cascade of technological chaos, the cryptocurrency exchange known as Coinbase found itself ensnared in a sprawling and all-encompassing outage, rendering its once vibrant platform entirely inert and inaccessible.

The crypto exchange Coinbase, situated in the United States, has encountered a widespread system malfunction, resulting in its services being inaccessible to users attempting to engage with the platform either through desktop or mobile devices.

Coinbase officially communicated the outage to its user base via its designated status page, disclosing that a significant disruption commenced at 4:15 am UTC on May 14.

Present endeavors to access the website reveal a disheartening “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” error notification. As delineated in a developer’s manual sourced from Mozilla, the primary culprits behind such occurrences typically stem from either server maintenance or excessive loads exerted upon the system.

In a post on X, the official representative of Coinbase Support divulged news regarding the outage on May 14. They affirmed their commitment to resolving the issue and assured users that their funds remained secure throughout the ordeal.

Back on February 28, Coinbase, alongside numerous other exchanges, experienced brief outages due to a sudden surge in cryptocurrency trading activity.

Although outages can be exasperating for crypto exchange users, commentators on Crypto Twitter frequently seize upon these disruptions as opportunities to craft a bullish narrative. They argue that the surges in activity responsible for such downtime ultimately contribute positively to price dynamics.


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