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Election outcomes in California


Election outcomes in California- Amidst a thronged expanse of initial contenders striving to succeed the longstanding Democratic Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, preliminary results divulged on Tuesday night indicate that Republican Jeff Gonzalez leads the fray, with numerous Democratic contenders still vying for a chance to progress to the final election.

As per the tabulated outcomes showcased on the California Secretary of State’s website on Tuesday night, Gonzalez maintains a lead with 9,034 votes, amounting to 32.7% of the over 27,000 ballots cast in the contest for Assembly District 36 representation, encompassing the eastern stretches of the Coachella Valley.

With additional ballots yet to be tallied, numerous Democratic hopefuls linger in contention for the subsequent spot to secure advancement to the November election: Jose “Joey” Acuña Jr. trails in second place with 5,143 votes, equivalent to 18.6%, while Edgard Garcia closely trails with 4,584 votes, constituting 16.6%.

In sum, the quintet of Democratic contenders amass 57% of the ballots in contrast to the duo of Republicans’ 43%.

The profusion of contenders emerged subsequent to Garcia, a Democratic representative from Coachella who first assumed office in the California Legislature in 2014, confirming late last year his decision not to seek reelection, expressing a desire to devote more time to his progeny after years of commuting to Sacramento. His declaration transpired days subsequent to the incumbents’ deadline for reelection filings.

Since the most recent redistricting in California, Garcia has represented Assembly District 36, encompassing Coachella, Indio, the remaining eastern environs of the Coachella Valley, and extending further to the eastern reaches of Riverside County all the way to the Arizona border. The sprawling constituency also encompasses the entirety of Imperial County and a sliver of the eastern segment of San Bernardino County. In 2022, Garcia clinched reelection against Republican Ian Weeks — now a contender in the 25th Congressional District this year — securing 53.4% of the vote.

In total, seven candidates — five Democrats and two Republicans — vied in the primary. Pursuant to California’s voting system, the top two performers in the primary, irrespective of party affiliation, will proceed to the November general election.

The contenders Acuña, the contender endorsed by Garcia, is a Democrat who has served as a trustee on the Coachella Valley Unified School District Board of Education since 2014, following a prior tenure on the board from 1992 to 2000. Alongside Garcia, several other elected officials from Riverside County, including Supervisor V. Manuel Perez and Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez, have pledged their support to Acuña.

Another contender hailing from the valley is Democrat Waymond Fermon, who has held a seat on the Indio City Council since 2018. In 2022, he assumed the mantle of Indio’s inaugural Black mayor during the city’s customary leadership rotations. Fermon also serves as a correctional officer at Calipatria State Prison in Imperial County. Initial returns on Tuesday night indicated Fermon garnered 2,363 votes, equivalent to 8.5%.

Among the duo of Republican contenders for the Assembly seat, Gonzalez, an entrepreneur and former Marine residing in Indio, has garnered a slew of notable endorsements from conservative quarters, including U.S. Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Corona; multiple Republican members of the California Legislature; and Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco.

Gonzalez previously contested Garcia in 2018 for representation in Assembly District 56, the preceding jurisdiction prior to the latest round of redistricting. He advanced to the final election but suffered a resounding defeat, securing 35.2% of the vote compared to Garcia’s 64.8%.

Meanwhile, Democrat Tomas Oliva, a member of the El Centro City Council since 2018, is contending for the seat from his base in Imperial County. Oliva also serves as a senior field representative for U.S. Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Indio, whose congressional district intersects significantly with Assembly District 36. (Ruiz is seeking reelection this year.) Oliva garnered 2,155 votes, constituting 7.8%, according to preliminary results released on Tuesday night.

The sole other Republican contender in the race, Kalin Morse, serves as a director at a nonprofit organization based in Westmoreland. Initial returns on Tuesday night indicated Morse amassed 2,819 votes, representing 10.2%.

Garcia, the third-place contender as of Tuesday night, is an attorney who has served on the El Centro City Council since 2015. Additionally, Garcia has fulfilled the role of Imperial County district director for the League of California Cities since 2021.

Democrat Eric Rodriguez, a member of the Central Union High School District Board of Trustees in El Centro since 2020, garnered 1,563 votes in preliminary returns on Tuesday night. Rodriguez, previously a law enforcement officer for the city of El Centro, presently serves in the Emergency Response Unit at Imperial County Child Protective Services.

Voter registration data reveals that Democrats comprise 43.8% of the registered voters in the Assembly district, while registered Republicans account for approximately 27.3%. A notable proportion of registered voters — 21.3% — assert no party preference.

The general election is slated for November 5.

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