The onset of Fortnite’s newest season experiences a holdup due to technological glitches.


Amidst the transitional phase, Epic Games initiated the temporary shutdown of Fortnite’s at the dawn of Friday for routine upkeep, preparing the terrain for the forthcoming array of enhancements destined to captivate enthusiasts. Despite the customary brevity of such interruptions, an unforeseen complication has emerged, necessitating an extension of the commencement of Chapter 5 Season 2.

“Dear community, an unanticipated snag arose during our maintenance operation, necessitating an additional span of downtime, exceeding 8 hours,” conveyed a communication on the Fortnite Status X platform. “We extend our sincerest apologies for the protracted delay in embarking upon Chapter 5 Season 2 of Battle Royale. Our dedicated team is diligently addressing this matter, striving for expeditious resolution, with forthcoming updates as information becomes available.” The aforementioned announcement was disseminated at 9:14AM ET, implying that the hiatus is likely to persist until at least 5PM.

The postponement, albeit regrettable, coincides with the launch of an enticing new season, christened “Myths and Mortals,” revolving around the mythological realm of Greek deities. In addition to procuring attire reflecting iconic figures such as Aphrodite, Medusa, and Poseidon through the battle pass, players can harness the formidable prowess inherent in legendary artifacts like Zeus’ thunderbolts and the Wings of Icarus. Furthermore, Epic has introduced an assortment of captivating locales across the island, notably Mount Olympus and Hades’ Underworld. A foreboding rendition of the River Styx, under the watchful gaze of Cerberus, serves as the gateway to the latter domain.

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