Olivia Munn Discloses Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Double Mastectomy

Olivia Munn

The announcement came forth on Wednesday from the thespian Olivia Munn, disclosing her recent grappling with breast cancer.

The luminary, aged 43, unveiled that she has traversed through multiple surgeries and underwent a bilateral mastectomy, prompted by the revelation stemming from a mammogram conducted last year.

“In the preceding ten lunar cycles, I have undergone a quartet of surgical interventions, spending an incalculable number of days bedridden. Throughout this period, I have delved into the intricacies of cancer, its treatment modalities, and the intricate dance of hormones, delving deeper than I ever fathomed,” shared Olivia Munn in a poignant post on Instagram. “Remarkably, tears have only graced my countenance twice. The luxury of time for such emotions seemed absent. My focal point sharpened, relegating any sentimentality that might encumber my lucidity.”

The thespian of “The Newsroom” attributed her diagnosis to her OB-GYN’s discerning choice to assess her breast cancer risk index.

“The providence of her discernment undeniably saved my existence,” expressed Munn in her declaration.

Olivia Munn underwent a genetic examination in February of the year 2023, scrutinizing 90 distinct cancer-associated genes, revealing negative results across the board, inclusive of the BRCA gene, renowned for its predisposing association with breast and ovarian cancers, a status shared by her sibling.

Concurrently, during the winter season, she underwent the aforementioned mammogram, leading swiftly to her diagnosis.

Dr. Aliabadi meticulously evaluated variables such as my chronological age, the familial legacy of breast cancer, and the post-thirty childbearing milestone. The culmination of her inquiry unearthed a lifetime susceptibility of 37%. Predicated on this revelation, I was dispatched for an MRI examination, subsequently followed by ultrasonography, culminating in a biopsy,” expounded Munn. “The biopsy confirmed the presence of Luminal B carcinoma in both mammary glands, characterized by its aggressive and swift metastasis.”

A mere month subsequent to the biopsy, she underwent the extensive bilateral mastectomy.

“The transition from a state of apparent vitality to awakening in the confines of a surgical ward, following a ten-hour procedure, was a staggering whirlwind,” recounted Munn.

The thespian elucidated her decision to maintain privacy regarding her diagnosis, deeming it essential to navigate through the arduous phases before public disclosure.

Presently, Olivia Munn endeavors to disseminate her narrative to extend solace, motivation, and camaraderie to fellow travelers on similar paths, advocating for the diligent evaluation of breast cancer risk indices.

“I stand fortunate, having intercepted the encroaching malady in a timely manner, thereby affording me choices. My fervent wish is to extend the same fortune to any woman who might confront such adversity in the future,” she conveyed.

“I am profoundly indebted to my inner circle for their unwavering support,” Olivia Munn expressed gratitude towards her coterie, medical practitioners, and her life partner, the humorist John Mulaney, with whom she shares a toddler, Malcolm.

Messages of encouragement poured in from fellow luminaries.

“In baring your truth, you exhibit exceptional magnanimity. Undoubtedly, your candor has salvaged lives. An abundance of affection directed towards you and your kin,” remarked the actor Jessica Chastain.

Mindy Kaling succinctly conveyed, “Your essence resonates deeply with me.”

Katie Couric, a survivor of breast cancer herself, expressed, “Your presence has been occupying my thoughts. Perhaps this is why. Sending you affection and appreciation for your disclosure.”

Mulaney also appended his sentiments to the discourse.

“Your unwavering determination to persevere for our sake is deeply cherished. Malcolm and I hold you in the highest regard,” he inscribed.

The actress said she hoped that sharing her diagnosis would help others find comfort, inspiration and support on their journey.

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