Streamy Awards 2023: Celebrating Social Media Excellence and Impact

Streamy Awards 2023
2023 Streamy Awards Winners Revealed

Dylan Mulvaney, the social media influencer who encountered a wave of transphobic criticism earlier this year due to a partnership with Bud Light, received recognition on Sunday night at the Streamy Awards , an event that celebrates social media creators.

During the ceremony held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, Mulvaney was honored with the breakout creator award. In a heartfelt moment, Mulvaney appealed to the audience’s compassion and encouraged them to actively support the LGBTQ+ community. Mulvaney highlighted the shared experiences between transgender individuals and social media personalities, emphasizing that both groups are often underestimated.

Reflecting on the challenges faced, including the controversy surrounding the canceled Bud Light partnership due to organized homophobic complaints, Mulvaney urged the Streamy Awards attendees to leverage their influence and platforms to spread messages of anti-hate.

“We have the power to inspire people to purchase a $25 smoothie at Erewhon, so we can surely make a positive impact in this realm too,” Mulvaney affirmed before concluding with a light-hearted note, “I think I’ll go grab a beer now.”

The 13th Streamy Awards, masterfully hosted by YouTube sensation MatPat, exuded vibrancy and excitement. The event saw spirited support for top nominees such as AMP, Ryan Trahan, Jay Shetty, Mikayla Nogueira, HasanAbi, and Kai Cenat. Attendees even brought older children along, aiming to acquaint them with the influential figures of social media.

The acceptance speeches remained refreshingly concise and appreciative, deviating from the norm of listing agents, managers, and publicists. A standout moment came from Chris Olsen, renowned for his TikTok work with Meghan Trainor. Upon receiving the award for short form content, Olsen spoke candidly about the transformative impact of his journey to sobriety.

The Elevate Prize for Social Good was rightfully awarded to Invisible People, a nonprofit organization lauded for its YouTube coverage spotlighting the chronic homeless crisis. Founder Mark Horvath stressed the urgency of addressing homelessness, given the dire housing affordability situation. Horvath’s personal journey from homelessness to advocacy further emphasized the need for community collaboration in resolving the housing crisis.

The coveted title of Streamer of the Year was presented to Kai Cenat, the Twitch personality known for inciting a playful “riot” in New York’s Union Square Washington Square Park with a surprise PlayStation 5 giveaway. Cenat humbly attributed his success to a higher power, stating, “This year has been a whirlwind, and I owe it all to God. Without God, there is no ‘us.’ I am truly blessed.”

Continuing his streak, YouTuber MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, clinched the Creator of the Year accolade for the fourth consecutive year. Notably absent from the event, Link of the social media duo Rhett and Link playfully remarked on MrBeast’s consistent wins, suggesting that attendance might be warranted with the ongoing recognition.

The Show of the Year award rightfully belonged to “Challenge Accepted,” Michelle Khare’s exhilarating YouTube series. Khare dismissed the notion that social media content is hastily produced, underscoring the meticulous planning and year-long effort that goes into each 15 to 35 minute episode. Khare celebrated the show’s uniqueness, highlighting its journey from a concept that might not have found approval elsewhere to a successful reality on her platform.

Meghan Trainor’s infectious hit “Made You Look” earned her the Rolling Stone Sound of the Year award. The singer-songwriter humorously revealed her inspiration behind the song, attributing it to her postpartum body experience and adding to her already impressive accolades, which include a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016.

The Streamy Awards , a collaborative effort between Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter, encompassed a diverse range of winners across multiple categories. From individual creators to brands and agencies, the event celebrated the dynamic and impactful world of social media content creation.

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Here is a complete list of Streamy Awards winners:


  • Brittany Broski awarded by Amelia Dimoldenberg
  • The Korean Vegan awarded by The Korean Vegan
  • Vivienne Medrano awarded by Brandon Rogers


  • Creator of the Year: MrBeast
  • Show of the Year: Challenge Accepted • Michelle Khare
  • Streamer of the Year: Kai Cenat
  • International: ibai
  • Short Form: Chris Olsen


  • Breakout Creator: Dylan Mulvaney
  • Breakout Streamer: Fanum
  • Collaboration: MrBeast, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson • Surprised he didn’t pick rock every time
  • Creator for Social Good: Invisible People
  • Creator Product: PRIME • Logan Paul x KSI
  • Crossover: Jonas Brothers
  • First Person: Ryan Trahan
  • Just Chatting: Quackity
  • Variety Streamer: IShowSpeed
  • VTuber: Gawr Gura

ROLLING STONE SOUND OF THE YEAR: Made You Look • Meghan Trainor


  • Podcast: On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Scripted Series: BRYCE • Brandon Rogers
  • Unscripted Series: Sam and Colby


  • Animated: HELLUVA BOSS • Vivziepop
  • Beauty: Mikayla Nogueira
  • Comedy: RDCWorld
  • Commentary: penguinz0
  • Competitive Gamer: TenZ
  • Dance: Enola Bedard
  • Fashion and Style: Wisdom Kaye
  • Food: Nick DiGiovanni
  • Gamer: Dream
  • Health and Wellness: Dr. Julie
  • Kids and Family: Ms. Rachel
  • Learning and Education: TierZoo
  • Lifestyle: AMP
  • News: HasanAbi
  • Science and Engineering: I did a thing
  • Sports: Jesser
  • Technology: Marques Brownlee


  • Cinematography: Recider – Nicholas Adams
  • Editing: Yes Theory – Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Tristan Kevitch
  • Visual and Special Effects: Zach King
  • Writing: Leo González


  • Brand of the Year: Barbie
  • Agency of the Year: Reach Agency
  • Brand Engagement: Insta360
  • Branded Series: LIVE@4:25 • Totino’s Pizza Rolls x the cheeky boyos, Flighthouse, Content+ at Mindshare
  • Branded Video: ASMcaR • Nissan x Donut
  • Influencer Campaign: Blasting to the Top • Gel Blaster x BENlabs
  • Social Impact Campaign: Play by the Rules • International Committee of the Red Cross x PopShorts

The Streamy Awards showcased an array of talented creators and influencers across various categories, illustrating the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital content. The event not only recognized individual accomplishments but also highlighted the impact of social media on entertainment, culture, and social causes. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to the world of online content creation.

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