Teen rapper Lil Tay declares, “I am alive,” in response to a mystery death report.

Lil Tay
Teen rapper Lil Tay declares, "I am alive"

The 14-year-old girl was purportedly dead, according to a statement on her official Instagram, which she now claims was “compromised.”

A statement that announced the sudden and tragic death of the 14-year-old internet sensation and rapper, Lil Tay, has caused quite a stir. The young girl was described as pompous and selfish in the comment, which immediately gained popularity on Instagram. Following the announcement of her death, doubts emerged, much like the situation that arose after her father and former manager would not confirm or deny that she had passed away. However, As of right moment, she is still alive, according to TMZ.

On Wednesday, an unsigned statement was posted on Lil Tay’s Instagram account, revealing that the star’s death at the age of 14 was “sudden and heartbreaking” and “completely unexpected.” It also mentioned the death of her older brother, Jason Tay, who had managed her account before going inactive in 2018, and the ongoing investigations into both deaths.

The Instagram post read, “With deep hearts, we announce the devastating news of the abrupt and tragic demise of our darling Claire. This outcome was entirely unexpected and has left us all in shock. Our sadness is increased and given an unfathomable depth by the loss of her brother.
“We ask for privacy during this time of profound sorrow as we grieve this profound loss for Claire and her brother, amid ongoing investigations into the circumstances surrounding their passing,” the statement continued.

Subsequently, the statement was removed from Instagram.

On Thursday, TMZ referred to a statement from Lil Tay’s family, indicating that the social media star is indeed still alive and that her Instagram account had been hacked. According to the statement, Lil Tay attempted to clarify, “that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I am completely shattered and struggling to find the right words to say. The last 24 hours were excruciatingly unpleasant. Throughout the day yesterday, as we tried to make sense of this chaos, I received endless heartbreaking and tearful phone calls from loved ones.”

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She also mentioned, “Someone from a third party hacked into my Instagram account and spread false information and rumors about me to the extent that even my name was incorrect. My legal name is Lil Tay’s, not ‘Claire Hope’.”

Prior to this, on Wednesday, Lil Tay’s father and former manager had denied confirming or denying her death, and the latter had called for “careful consideration” when dealing with the news. In an email to an insider, her father, Christopher Hope, declined to comment on Instagram posts and refused to confirm or dismiss the validity of the family’s statement.

“Given the complexities of the current situation, I am at a point where I cannot definitively confirm or rule out the validity of the statement issued by the family. This situation demands cautious consideration and respect for the sensitivities involved. My commitment is focused on providing updates that are reliable and timely,” wrote Harry Tsang, her former manager.

According to insiders, both the Vancouver Police Department, where Lil Tay was raised, and Los Angeles, where she spent some time during her viral fame, had no information on the death of an individual named Claire Hope. The Vancouver police verified that no case pertaining to this matter was being investigation.

In 2017, Lil Tay had amassed over 2 million followers by portraying herself as a cruel and obscene nine-year-old girl, often seen flaunting cash in mansions and fancy cars. During this time, a video posted online showed an off-camera person coaching her, which raised suspicions among many that it was her brother, Jason.

After a strange and alarming conduct was featured in an October post, possibly on behalf of her brother, the account was immediately suspended amid intense backlash.
After the bitter altercation, Christopher Hope was accused of serious mistreatment, according to the message, which was later removed.
Many believed Jason was the creator of the videos showing Lil Tay as a puppet and had taken control of the account.

In 2021, the account featured activity with concise posts, likely from her brother, encapsulating an alleged commercial feud between Christopher Hope and Lil Tay, accusing Christopher of physical and emotional abuse and embezzlement of all her money. On the other side were Jason and their mother, Angela Tian. Hope refuted the allegations and sent a cease-and-desist letter in response to Instagram.


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