Unveiling the 911 Call: Carlee Russell’s Case Takes a Startling Turn

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“Alabama’s Hoover On Wednesday, Alabama police expressed skepticism about a Carlee Russell’s version of how she started a frantic search after calling 911 to report her child missing. on the highway, only to go missing herself for two days. The authorities stated that Carly Russell informed investigators that she had been abducted on Thursday and forcefully placed in a vehicle, but they were unable to corroborate her claims.

Unveiling the 911 Call
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Following her return home on Saturday, a flurry of curiosity enveloped the minds of many, pondering both her whereabouts during the mysterious absence and the events that unfolded in her absence.

On Wednesday, the Hoover Police Department held a press conference where they played the entire 911 call.

A transcript of the discussion between Carlee Russell and the 911 operator from the evening of July 13 is provided below:

Russell: “Hi. I am on Interstate 459 and there is a kid just walking by themselves.

911: “Hold on…where…where are you?”

Russell: “Um, I’m right next to exit, exit 10…”

911: “Okay, so you’re before the exit?”

Russell: “Yes.

911: “Okay, and are you heading southbound or northbound?”

Russell: “I’m heading towards 280. Towards Tuscaloosa.”

911: “Okay, and was the child on the left or right side?”

Russell: “On the right side.”

911: “And were they walking northbound or southbound?”

Russell: “Uh, they’re walking towards Tuscaloosa.”

911: “Okay, they’re walking southbound…about how old do they look?”

Russell: “Um, like a toddler. Uh, maybe like 3 or 4.”

911: “Did you pull over with them? Are you still with them? Are you with the child right now?”

Russell: “No, I am not. I’m still in the car. I can see them, though.”

911: Do you mind staying there until we can get there?

Russell: “Yeah, yeah, sure, yeah.”

911: “Okay, and what type of car are you in?”

Russell: “I’m in a red Mercedes-Benz.”

911: “Are you in a [car] or an SUV?”

Russell: “SUV. I mean, it’s a sedan, sorry.”

911: “Can you put your hazards on?”

Russell: “Yeah, they’re on.”

911: “Okay, did you talk to the child or did you say anything to them?”

Russell: “No.”

911: “Do they look like they’re injured?”

Russell: “No, they don’t.”

911: “Are they white, Black, Hispanic, or Asian?”

Russell: “They’re white.”

911: “Okay… Is it a male or a female?”

Russell: “I think it’s a boy…a little boy.”

911: “Okay… right now… Is he wearing clothes?”

Russell: “Yes.”

911: “Alright, what is he wearing?”

Russell: “Uh, it’s a white T-shirt, and it looks like he doesn’t have any pants on. Looks like a diaper.”

911: “And you don’t see any cars anywhere?”

Russell: “No, no cars anywhere.”


911: “Okay, what’s your name?”

Russell: “My name is Carlee Russell.”

911: “And you don’t see anyone with the child from where you are at, correct?”

Russell: “No, no, no, but I can’t see them that good.”

911: “Okay, try to keep an eye on him as best as you can because I don’t want you to lose track of him. And does he have shoes on?”

Russell: “No, not that I can see. I really can’t see that…”

911: “Okay, alright. I got them on the way. If you can, just keep an eye on them. An officer’s on the way. Okay?”

Russell: “Okay, thanks.”

911: “Thank you.”

Russell: “Okay, bye.”

Please note that the investigation is ongoing, and the authorities are diligently working to unravel the truth behind Carly Russell’s disappearance.”


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